Notes to editors, journalists or anyone using this research

Social Investigations is available for interviews - please email andrewfiskar(at)

Spreading information is vital but can anyone who does use the research on this blog ensure they refer to Social Investigations as the source.

Thank you

Andrew Robertson
Social Investigations


  1. Andrew, I've used your excellent research on Reform and cited Social Investigations as my source
    However,if you think this is not sufficient acknowledgement of your work I'd be grateful if you'd let me know how I can improve it and I'll make the necessary corrections.
    You're doing very valuable work and should be given all the credit for it.

  2. Sir

    I have linked to your page on Facebook. Unfortunately, the bit of copy that shows next to the graphic consists of the *first comment* on this page. It would be better if the sub text consisted of the *title and first para* on that page.


    "...Just come back to UK after 15 years in USA. The NHS is not perfect and certainly needs overhauling but people here have no idea what life "


    "...Key Facts of Lords and MPs connections to healthcare

    The research looking into Lords and MPs connections to private healthcare through the register of interests is complete.

    Even better (possibly):

    "... There are 255 Parliamentarians with recent or present financial private healthcare connections. Below is the full breakdown of the Lords, MPs, and other people in parliament who are now dismantling the HHS..."

    See page:

    And my link:
    Facebook John Ingleson, Timeline @ Aug 19th

    I'm not sure how you would do this but I would imagine there's a user setting / tag on the page that determines the text used on Facebook.

    Thank you for your fine work. I shall attempt to publicise this graft.

  3. Hi thanks for the tip - I am going to work on this - have a check back next 4/5 days. Many thanks for publicising, it is much appreciated.

  4. We need a few more,strike that , a lot more people like John Ingleson to work on full exposure of these self serving parasites talented in their own way perhaps but no real use to the country. Zahawi takes more care of his horses than he does his constituents re; last expense claim by him accepted by the Fees office


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