Healthcare Contracts Connecting Lords and MPs

This list represents private healthcare companies that are financially linked to Lords and MPs from all parties that have won contracts since the government announced the white paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS, which in turn led to the Health and Social Care Act. 

Note: this list is relevant to the connections held by parliamentarians at the time of their voting on the Health and Social Care bill.

The list is taken from the research of recent or present financial links to companies involved in healthcare carried out by Social Investigations as the Lords voted on the bill.

This list is just the beginning so if you spot a contract that relates to a Lord or MP on the list, preferably in a prominent position, then please do bring it to my attention at andrewfiskar (at) – providing the company, the MP and Lord and the contract detail with a link.

If you use the research, then make sure you quote Social Investigations as your source. 

Many thanks

Social Investigations


Company: Interserve
Lord: Lord Blackwell
Role: Chairman
NHS link: The Health sector makes up over half of their revenue with PFI contracts worth £1.269bn - a new contract awarded in December 2012, to run 550 NHS buildings in the area of Leicestershire and Rutland worth around £300 million. More on the company and the Lord. Voted on and with the government on the Health and Social Care bill.

Company: Circle Health 
MP: Mark Simmonds
Role: Advisor
NHS link: In November 2011 Became first company to win contract to run a NHS hospital in a franchise deal worth £31 million over 10 years - is owned by companies and investment funds registered in the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Cayman Islands. Voted on with the government on the Health and Social care bill


Tunstall who are owned by Charterhouse Development Capital Ltd

Lord: Lord Patten and Lord Patten of Barnes
Role: Senior advisor and advisor
NHS link: Tunstall is a telehealth company, which uses technology to remotely deal with patients. The managing director Simon Arnold, told the Yorkshire Post that ‘the changes to the way the NHS operates presented a number of opportunities for Tunstall.’ The company
works most councils and previously held contracts with 95 PCTs. These have now been transferred to the Clinical Commissioning Groups. 
Lord Patten voted on and with the government on the Health and Social care bill. Lord Patten of Barnes did not.

Cumberlege Eden & Partners

Baroness: Baroness Cumberlege
Role: Owner
NHS link: Runs training courses for NHS staff across the spectrum.Has made money from offering courses to the new CCGs. £1,200 +VAT for a one-day course for Horsham and Mid-Sussex and Hastings and Rother CCGs. Paid £12,896 from NHS South-Eastern Hampshire and NHS Fareham and Gosport CCGs via a bursary from NHS South-Central SHA for one-day course on 'Understanding Politics Masterclass.'

Voted, debated and made amendments in Health and Social care bill process. Moved her company into an alliance that was able to tender for contracts to assist shadow CCGs, before the bill had become an Act. See article on her here.
Company: Lansdowne UK Equity Fund (Circle Health)

Baron: Baron Higgins of Worthing
Role: Holds in excess of £50,000 shares in Lansdowne UK Equity Fund, backers of private hospital group Circle Holdings.
NHS links: Circle Health took over NHS hospital in Cambridgshire
Voted on and with the government on the Health and Social Care bill.
Company: Serco
Lord: Lord Filkin
Role: Advisor at the time of the Health and Social Care bill
NHS link: Run GP out of hours services in which it fiddled data – community healthcare services from NHS Suffolk for £140 million – cut jobs GSTS Pathology laboratories King’s College and St Thomas hospitals – contract for consortium £800 million – needed bailing out. Voted with opposition.
Company: Care UK
MP: Andrew Lansley – received £21,000 to run his office from then Chairman of Care UK John Nash when he was shadow health secretary. John Nash was chairman of Care UK at the time. Co-wrote the white-paper that led to the Health and Social care Act. Voted on the legislation with the government.
MP: Nick Herbert - Received donations from Caroline Nash - Ms Nash is the wife of John Nash who also funded Lansley's office when he was shadow health minister. The donations were £15,000 in 2008 and in 2009. Voted on the Health and Social Care bill legislation with government.
MP: David Ruffley – also received a £10,000 donation from Caroline Nash in 2009 - Now Care UK have won contracts in his constituency. Voted on the Health and Social Care bill legislation with government.
MP: Chris Skidmore - Received £5,000 to his office in run up to the election in 2010 from Caroline Nash. Voted on the Health and Social Care Bill with government.
Lord: Lord Nash – former Chairman of Care UK he and wife donated to Lansley, Herbert Ruffley - made a Lord 21st January 2013.
Lord: Lord Patten of Barnes – advisor to Bridgepoint who purchased Care UK in 2010

NHS Links:
Operates NHS treatment centres, walk-in centres and mental health services across England, is reducing its tax liability by routing £8m a year in interest payments on loan notes issued in the Channel Islands.
Purchased GP out-of-hour service Harmoni for £48 million. Harmoni, is a former GP co-operative, which was the largest private firm providing out-of-hours services and won 12 NHS contracts to run the new non-emergency 111 health phone lines – at the time it beat a joint bid from Care UK and Capita. In 2011, it had revenues of £100m from the NHS.
In 2013 – Care UK won a contract in MP David Ruffley’s constituency to take control of Suffolk’s 16 Council-owned care homes.
Company: KPMG
Lord: Lord Harris of Haringey
Position: Senior advisor at the time of the Health and Social Care bill
NHS link: Won contracts to develop more than a quarter of CCGs and half of the Commissioning Support Units. 
Company: Beachcroft
Lord: Lord Hunt of Wirral
Position: Partner
NHS links: Beachcroft are a leading legal advisor to the healthcare sector. Beachcroft moved their company into an alliance led by Capita to develop the shadow Clinical Commissioning Groups as Lord Hunt of Wirral was voting on the bill.In July 2011, Beachcroft were part of a legal consortium that won a £20 million contract to provide legal services for procurement for more than 100 NHS organisations.
Company wrote legal letter to whistleblower Gary Walker threatening him with legal implications if he spoke out in any interviews to the media. Voted on the Health and Social Care Bill with the government.
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Lord: Lord Lang of Monkton and Nicholas Soames
Position: Director and Senior Adviser
NHS Link: In February 2011 Marsh was appointed by the Department of Health to conduct an ‘industry review’ of the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA). The objective of the review was to ‘identify opportunities to introduce greater commercial management and practice to services. Lord Land voted on the Health and Social Care Bill with the government. Nicholas Soames also voted on the Health and Social Care bill with the government.
Company: Charterhouse Development  Capital Ltd
Lord: Lord Patten
Position: Senior advisor
NHS link: Purchased Tunstall a Telecare provider – Since 2010, Tunstall have been awarded contracts to run telehealth in areas that include; Oldham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Hillingdon, Blackburn, to name but a few. A report by the British Medical Journal indicated the costs of those using Telehealth was higher. Previous research used for Telehealth came form the U.S and was funded by industry. Voted on and with the government on the Health and Social care bill.

Company: Odgers Berndtson
Baroness: Baroness Bottomley

Position: Chair of Board and CEO practice -
Shares in Broomco Ltd, which is a holding company of International Resources Group Ltd, which owns Odgers Berndston.
NHS link: Recruitment company providing people for NHS Management positions. Has been recruiting people into key positions in the new CCGs and have received £350,000 for this already.
Richard Boggis-Rolfe the chairman of Odgers Berndtson has given £207,500 in donations to the Conservative party between 28/09/2006 to 03/03/2010. Voted on the Health and Social Care Bill with the government.
Company: Saxton Bampflyde
Lord: Lord Stevenson

Position: Holds 4% of company shares

NHS link: Recruitment headhunter company - Provided services for Monitor for £219,400 in 2011/12/13 - Consultancy spend. Didn't vote on the Health and Social care bill.

Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Lord: Lord Freeman (Conservative and Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale
Position: Both Members of the Advisory board
NHS links: Key organisation in the development of the new CCGs, made possible by the health bill.
: Real Staffing
MP: Nadhim Zahawi

Position: Non Executive director of Sthree who are the parent company of Real Staffing
NHS links: Have worked with CCGs to the tune of £2.6 million to provide staff. Research ongoing to find out the level of support. Mr Zahawi voted on the Health and Social Care Bill, which created the CCGs. Has spoken on CCGs in Parliament. See article on them here.

Company: TLC Care Group
: Lord Popat

Position: Owner
NHS links: Company has gone on to work with the new CCGs, gaining £2,451,197.8 from Cambridgshire and Peterborough CCG and £115,895.26 from Herts Valleys CCG and £1,970,201 from Barnet CCG - FOI by Social investigations.


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